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Siamese Cat Breeder, Maria Freeman

My name is Maria, I am a hobby breeder of very modern type Oriental Shorthair kittens. I have a great passion for these breeds and therefore consider each and every one of them very much, part of my family. All my kittens are raised, loved and well socialised, so that when they leave home they are very confidant and loving kittens.

As you can see from Guestbook Comments left from previous, owners who have over the years become friends. They have always kept in touch which gives tremendous pleasure to know the progress, of all the kittens in there new homes as they settle in and as they mature into fully grown adult cats. My aim has always been to breed healthy kittens with wonderful temperaments, full of confidence and character. These are all the ingredients needed to enjoy the pleasures of owning a Siamese or oriental cat for many years.

If you are looking for a Siamese or Oriental kitten, or you are only making enquiries, even if I have no kittens available of my own, I am always happy to help answer any questions you need to know when purchasing a kitten.

Just a few things about Maria's Oriental's.

I pride myself on breeding well socialised kittens starting with selecting healthy parents with excellent temperaments and beautiful type as all these qualities are passed onto the kittens.

A Kitten that has been socialised to a high standard is a genuine loving pet and full member of the family. A kitten which has not been properly socialised is not very nice for the kitten or the new owner.

The most effective time to train and socialise a kitten is in their first few months. That's when cats are often more open to having new experiences and establishing new relationships, and they have a greater ability to bounce back from upsetting situations just like a baby. Socialisation works to expand a kitten's bubble to include a wider variety of situations, people, and animals.

The positive experiences a cat has as a kitten can dramatically impact on their personality, behaviour, and confidence as an adult. Most cats are not fearful, but they often become that way due to poor socialisation as kittens. Without good socialising efforts made by the breeder to make the kitten ready for their new home, most kittens will experience a limited view of life with regards to their family, home, and other family pet members.

Our kittens are ready for viewing from 8 weeks old and ready to leave after they have completed their full course of Vaccinations and their final vet check required for kittens at 14 weeks old, from the day they are born, they are handled and socialised to the highest standard ready for their new homes.

All kitten Will be, Neutered and Microchipped for you before leaving, (Neutering and Microchip are included in the price for kitten).

It is now widely regarded by vets and also most of the major cat organisations around the world that if you are buying a kitten to have them Neutered as soon as possible as there are many benefits.

A deposit of £200 (non-refundable) payable after viewing and selecting your little fur ball.

Also, all our girls and boys have full imported lines in their pedigrees, from some of the best cattery's from around the world, including world champions which gives them the very latest modern type in looks.

These are the main colours we produce:

Oriental Self’s Tabby’s and Bi Colours, in Black, Blue, Havana, In Tabby's we will produce the same colours as the Oriental's mainly spotted but also Classic or Ticked.

What you can expect when buying a kitten from Maria's Oriental's.

- Five generation pedigree.................GCCF/T.I.C. A registration certificate.

- Vaccination card...............................Wormed.

- Five weeks free pet insurance...........Diet and care sheet

- 1 week's complimentary food...........1 full 30 litre bag of complimentary Litter.

- Plus, quality goodies bag....................Purchase receipt,for kitten.

- Lifelong support....................................Peddy-mark online Registered Micro-chip for protection.

- Kittens will not leave for new home until they are 14/ 16 weeks old.

A little bit about Oriental cats.

Oriental shorthair cat’s (OSH) are a modern breed. The Orientals share the same breeding group as Siamese (SIA), who were the founders or the Oriental breed, and who are still used in the breeding of Orientals.

Other breeds came later as Seychellois shorthair (SYS) and longhair (SYL), Oriental longhair (OLH), Balinese (BAL) and hairless breed Peterbald (PEB).

Oriental shorthair cats are extremely attractive, elegant, and known for their gorgeous temperament, and super friendly character and loyalty to their new family.

Orientals like the Siamese are very clever cats. Orientals are one of the most amazing breeds and their relationship with humans one of the best of all the cat breeds.

Remember to have all these wonderful characteristic’s that the Oriental’s possess, your little furball must be properly socialised by your breeder from the day they are born.

You can follow us on Facebook @ Maria freeman or Instagram @ marias_orientals.

We are based in Bridgend south Wales, literally 2 minutes from the M4 junction 35.

I hope this email helps you but by all means if you have any more questions do not hesitate to email or phone me for a chat.

Kind Regards Maria.
Marias Orientals Marias Orientals

Marias Orientals

Marias Orientals

Marias Orientals

Marias Orientals
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